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Number Program Personal Data Protection

The purpose of this Information on Protection and Processing of Personal Data is to fulfill the obligation of enlightenment regarding the use of personal data obtained during the use of and mobile application and / or received from third parties. In addition, to inform the Users in a transparent way about the ways of collecting personal data collected regarding the use of the website and mobile application, the purposes of processing, legal reasons and rights.

number program can update and change these Disclosure provisions at any time by publishing them on the website and mobile application. Updates and changes made by the Number program will be valid from the date they are published on the Portal.


What is the Number Program website and mobile app functionality?

Number program website/mobile application is a portal that makes number combinations that cannot be done on non-powerful devices such as mobile phones/tablets/notebok and pc on sever and serves its users via mobile application. Our mobile applications are available through reliable platforms such as Google play market. Using Number program mobile application For this, users need to buy credits and they use the currency of their country to buy credits. Google Play Market offers all kinds of payment infrastructures related to this issue.


Does Number Program website and mobile app Collect Personal Data?

No information is requested from the user for the use of the Number program website and mobile application. Only in the country, city and e-mail information section of the mobile application, the users themselves enter the information if they want. The user does not have to see the country, city and email information.


Where is Personal Data Stored and Processed?

If the user enters country, city and e-mail information with his/her consent in the section within the Number program mobile application, your personal data we obtain is stored in secure companies from which we receive server service. and will be processed within the prescribed security measures.


Name and Contact Information:

The website is evaluated in order to manage communication, user registration, post-sales processes, business development, promotion, analysis, customer satisfaction processes.

Location data: Use of location-related or location-related Portal functions, supervision and control.


Personal Data Retention Period

number program will keep the personal data it obtains so that the Users can make the most of the Service and fulfill their obligations.

You can send your questions about personal data security to the lottowebsite ((@)) email address.